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Refund Policy Page

Majority percent of our clients requests go through with out a hiccup. you place an order, we send, everybody's happy! From the slim risk you are one of those simply lucky a unprecedented percent which is experiencing issue, right here is a few advice on the refund coverage and the way it works.

Step one is to speak to our service team!

maximum problems can be solved the use of a very simple email. in case you are experiencing issue, in reality through just email and chat with us, we're right here to assist. As we acquire a conversation going our provider crew goes to do something they might to guarantee you're satisfied. a few instances which means devoting a refund.

Motives you won’t get a reimbursement

if your own fans, enjoys or opinion be counted drops -- we will top off it to you without charge. simply ask. you are account turns into suspended or fabric has been removed through the societal media (sorry but that happens sporadically and is outside our manage). when you've opened an Dispute with pay friend or registered a fee returned together with your credit card agency if you need to be impolite or insulting into our service group -- we will probable simplest absolutely forget about you.